Mortgage Advice Glasgow

When it comes to buying a property, how do you make sure you’re getting the best possible deal? Even after the negotiations, the mortgage contract can affect just how affordable or not your home is. Whether you’re looking for a home or an investment opportunity, Solicitors Financial Centre provides some of the best mortgage advice in Glasgow at the most competitive rates.

Laying out your options
Your home may very well be the most expensive asset you ever own. When it comes to choosing the right mortgage, you need to know what your options are. There are comparison sites, but they often miss some of the more exclusive providers. They also don’t tell you whether or not you’re likely to get the mortgages you prefer. Our financial advisors can help you better navigate both areas. We take a look at all the current lenders relevant to your needs and ensure we narrow it down to only those available to you.

Choosing the deal to suit your needs
Even out of the lenders that you can successfully apply to, you still need to be careful in which you select. Finding the right interest rate, payment plans, and down payment options can make a significant difference in your financial standing. You might not want the biggest mortgage you can get, but that which remains manageable for the whole term. At Solicitors Financial Centre, we ensure that we never advise clients to get into an arrangement that they might not be able to afford. We learn your needs and your circumstances before recommending any course of action.

Areas we help with
While many of our clients come to us looking for advice on a standard mortgage, it is far from the only area we can help with. Business owners and investment buyers also come to use for advice on commercial mortgages. We help landlords take their first steps successfully with buy-to-let arrangements. We advise homeowners on both the equity release and remortgaging options that can help them free up some of the cash stored in their assets. Whatever you need to know regarding mortgages and lenders, we can help you craft the right strategy.

Advice you can trust
Our two advisors, Kenneth and Angus, have been helping with all things related to mortgages for a long time. Besides being fully qualified to industry regulations, they also have over 20-years’ experience within the financial sector. That experience is paired with a constant finger on the pulse of the market. We ensure we update our understanding so that we are always recommending the most relevant and updated information. Providing mortgage advice for individuals, investment groups, and commercial entities, we have the expertise and the aim to help you buy property with the mortgages best suited to you.

Buying property might be the biggest financial decision you ever make in your life. You want to ensure you get it right. For mortgage advice in Glasgow, call Solicitors Financial Centre at 0141 221 5627. It might just be the move that makes your new home affordable.